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Bosch Ceramic Hob

Product Code: PKE611CA1E

Now £225.00

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Featuring a frameless design in black ceramic glass, this electric hob will look great in any kitchen. As a built-in model, it lies flush with worktops, giving a seamless look to your kitchen counters. The PKE611CA1E is also fast, powerful and easy to use.
Smart Frameless Design
With four cooking zones in two sizes, ranging from 1.2 to 2.2 kWh of power, this Bosch hob is suited to a range of purposes. Choose from nine power settings for each zone, and adjust the heat with just one quick turn. A spacious layout ensures that pans can be moved around easily, and a side control panel keeps dials out of the way.
You can also cut down cooking time with the PKE611CA1E’s ‘Quick Therm’ feature, which allows the hob to heat up quicker than other ceramic models. Plus, induction heating saves energy, as it applies heat directly to the pan.
Easy and Safe
This Bosch hob features large dials, making them easier to grip, and settings easier to read. Adjusting heat at a glance gives you far better control over your food, and lets you prevent pots and pans from burning or boiling over.
Residual heat indicators also let you know when the stove’s surface is too hot to touch. Each zone has its own indicator, which uses red lights to clearly mark whether the zone is still heated. Try and stop accidents before they happen with these clever safety features.
What’s more, the PKE611CA1E is quick to wipe down, and you won’t have to clean a separate frame. As it’s a built-in model, there are no seams or gaps where food and crumbs can hide.
All-in-all, this Bosch hob has a simple, modern look to suit any kitchen. It measures 59.2 cm wide by 52.2 cm deep, so you can be sure to find a suitable home for it.
Take control of your cooking and save time on cleaning with the stylish PKE611CA1E from Bosch. Order yours today.


Product Description Bosch PKE611CA1E 4 Zone Ceramic Hob
Fuel Type Electric
Controls Side Controls
Number of Zones 4
Hob Type 4 Zone Electric Hob
Colour Finish Black Ceramic Glass
Burners/Zones, kWh's (Rapid, Semi Rapid, Simmer)
  • Front Left 1.2kW
  • Front Right 2kW
  • Back Left 2.2kW
  • Back Right 1.2kW
Load Capacity 6600W (220-240v)
  • Frameless Design
  • Side Controls
  • Variable 9 Stage Power Settings (per zone)
  • Residual Heat Indicator (per zone)
  • Smooth Glass Surface
Product Dimensions (H x W x D) 0.46 x 59.2 x 52.2cm
Product Weight 8kg
Bar code (EAN No.) 4242002936406

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